Why Us?
Why Us?

Why Us?

We know that a manpower recruiting consultancy is not the perfect solution for the consequent problems that arise one after another. The candidates have to be informed, gathered, call for pre-screening, final interview, medical test, orientation, employment visa & travelling arrangement before deployment. Taking the whole process under consideration, Nishan has been established as a set of three companies together to work hand in hand to solve such tedious problems conveniently.
The three companies- “Nishan Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd.” Everest Oasis Tourism Pvt. Ltd. and Big Career Pvt. Ltd. work together in collaboration with each other as a successful & one of the leading companies of Nepal. Nishan has been running efficiently under well-experienced, professional, & highly dedicative staffs under well-organized administration where complete process can be done under one roof.

Why choose us as your recruitment partner?

  • We are a government registered company.
  • We have the required expertise and resources to screen and select workers who will best suit our clients’ requirements.
  • Our staff is well-versed in documentation which means our overseas clients do not have to worry about legal hassles or procedural lapses. We make it a point to seriously cross-check and verify a candidate’s background, qualifications and all documents furnished.
  • Our extensive database of a large pool of qualified professionals as well as skilled and unskilled workers provides multiple for our overseas clients to choose workers who meet their requirements.
  • We also have a well-established network all over the country which helps us to find the right candidates. After approaching us, our clients can rest assured of finding right employees and jobseekers of getting a right job.
  • We also offer jobseekers multiple employment options. We have not only been providing jobs to candidates in various countries but also expanding our association and relationship with overseas employers in different countries.
  • We value the time of our overseas clients and also of jobseekers and strive to fulfill their need at the earliest.
  • Our dedicated and personalized services have impressed many overseas employers who trust us to meet all kinds of their human resource needs.